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 The Greater Zurich Area
Greater Zurich Area - Outstanding Business Environment

Switzerland's thriving business environment grants you access to the Swiss and European market with a highly qualified workforce. You also benefit from the liberal labor laws, reliable infrastructure and a wealth of cutting-edge research institutions. The renowned financial market and stable political environment offer you the ideal framework for your business success.

 Panoramic view

 The new Heart of the Greater Zurich Area


The 126-metre-high office tower features retail floor space and a bar situated on the ground floor, publicly accessible restaurant with bar and lounge on the top floor, as well as conference centre on the second-highest floor. Tenants primarily include clients from the upscale services sector.

 Home - sweet home

Plenty to Discover – the Region Around Lake Zurich

Sports enthusiasts, bon vivants and explorers can find plenty of fun things to do in, on or around Lake Zurich. Whether water sports, relaxing on the verdant lake shore, regional cuisine, family activities or thrilling festivals complete with a lake view – the region around the lake enchants visitors of all ages.

In summer, Lake Zurich is a popular excursion destination. Here you can bathe, sail or enjoy a picnic on a secluded spot – such as on the tiny island of Lützelau. In addition, there are countless opportunities to try out new sports, such as stand-up paddling, windsurfing or waterskiing.

In winter, too, there is plenty of fun to be had by the lake. Ice-skating fans can show off their ice-skating skills at the ice rinks in Küsnacht and Wädenswil, situated directly next to the lake shore. In theory, it is even possible to skate on the lake itself – although only when it is completely frozen over. And the last time that happened was in winter 1963…

Various restaurants with beautiful views of the lake treat their guests to regional and seasonal specialties. It goes without saying that the much-loved dish of “Fischknusperli” – batter-fried pieces of fresh fish straight from the lake – is an absolute must.

 View from my office window
Klosterhof - Rüti ZH

 "The Circle" comes alive